About Me

Hi, my name is Seng Rimpakone.   My four-legged friend in the photo is Poppy.    

I have nearly 17 years of experience as an executive producer in advertising, television, feature film, and digital content creation.   

I was a founding partner of Production On Demand.  POD established itself as a successful independent broadcast production department.  We produced award-winning spots and web films for some amazing clients, including AT&T, BCBS, Beam Suntory, Capital One, Career Builder, Chevrolet, Kenmore, MillerCoors, Sears, Pfizer, and Quaker Brand.

When clients work with me, they get a seasoned and adept producer.   I've been told I have a knack for handling complicated celebrities, rock star directors, and demanding clients with a soft touch and a smile. I make it happen, start to finish, so your clients walk away smiling too.  

Where have I shot outside the US, you ask?  Australia, Canada, Prague, Spain and Thailand. 

I speak Thai fluently and Spanish poorly.   I also make a mean pot of pho soup, but I have to admit… my mom's might be a little bit meaner.